Dineke Dijk

Dineke is BNA architect. She finished her engineering studies at the technical university of Eindhoven in 1999, specialising in architecture and construction design. Subsequently she worked in Mali, West Africa, where she took part in a project of the Dutch Rijksmuseum aiming at the preservation of local cultural heritage. On her return Dineke worked as a designer for several architectural firms in the Netherlands and Belgium, obtaining broad experience in interior design for both the commercial and the residential market.

In 2006 Dineke Dijk design was founded, focusing primarily on office design. She possesses a good knowledge of the office market and trends.

As from 2008 Dineke expanded her activities to the residential market and since then she renovated many different kinds of residences, varying from monuments and traditional Dutch “Dyke houses” to more recently built family homes and farm houses.

The central idea that underpins all Dineke’s work is the aim to create a pleasant working and/or living environment for her clients. In this process she stays in continuous and close contact with her clients in order to accommodate their needs in an optimal and personal way. Her flexibility and originality allow her to come up with non-conventional solutions, making clever use of space and using sustainable materials and methods.



hotels, shops and offices

For happy workers, bosses, clients and guests in an inspiring enviroment reflecting the company's character.


renovation or new builing

Translating the wishes of the family into spaces and materials to realise the family's dreamhouse.


schools and public spaces

Original ideas on education and public spaces inspired by my travels to Africa and South East Asia.


Bloemgracht 47, 1016KD Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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